Spraying Trees for Disease

Every tree planted in a landscape has positives and negatives.  Some attractive trees used in landscaping are also prone to disease but are used despite their problems.  The trees may require preventative fungicide treatments.  These are generally performed in the spring and require two to three applications.

Austrian pines, red pines, hawthorns, and crab apples are the most prone to fungus and diseases.


Problems that arise from insects such as spider mites generally happen more slowly.  By the time most homeowners see damage on their landscape plants, it can be too late.  You will see better looking and longer living plants when you take initiative in preventing problems and maintaining good plant health.  Insect sprays do not eliminate insects from the landscape.  They do, however, reduce the populations to a safe level that should eliminate health problems.

Investing in our seasonal tree and shrub pest management program will provide optimal results in the prevention and treatment of problematic insects and diseases.

The application program includes the following treatments between March and November.

1) Spring Dormant (March) – Control of scale and mites

2) Leaf Disease (May) – Control of apple scab, diplodia, rust

3) Early Foliage (May) – Control of leaf chewing, sucking, leaf mining insects

4) Mid Summer (June-July) – Control of leaf chewing, sucking, leaf mining insects

5) Summer (July-Aug.) – Control of leaf chewing, sucking, leaf mining insects

6) Fall Dormant (Oct.-Nov.) – Control of scale and mites


Deep Root Fertilization is also recommended for all trees and shrubs to provide essential nutrients for healthy plants.

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Spring Tips

There are many activities to do in the Spring. It’s a great time for planting trees, shrubs, perennials and flowers. It’s also a great time to divide and transplant your ornamental grasses and perennials. Cleaning up debris, fertilizing plants and applying pre-emergent weed control are also important tasks. Don’t forget to mulch and edge your beds and start up your irrigation systems if needed.

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