Landscaping – Seasonal Weed Control

Seasonal Weed Control

Each spring, we apply a pre-emergent herbicide to your landscape beds.  In April, we begin scouting these beds for emerging weeds.  Weeds are controlled with post-emergent herbicide and manual removal.  We return every two weeks throughout the growing season for continued weed control.

Spring Tips

Spring Pruning
Spring is a great time to prune shrubs and trees in anticipation for summer.

Early Foliage Tree Spray
Investing in our seasonal tree and shrub pest management program will provide optimal results in the prevention and treatment of problematic insects and diseases. This application will help with the control of leaf chewing, sucking, leaf mining insects.

Lawn Care Program
Our lawn care programs provide environmentally responsible applications to promote healthy, dense, dark green turf that will be an asset to your property.

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