Lawn Mowing

Our company utilizes commercial grade mulching mowers. Finish mowing grass to a height of 3 ½-4 inches promotes a healthy lawn. Adequate height in a lawn will discourage weed germination and maintain better moisture levels around the root system.

This service commences in mid May.  This is due to increasing temperature, high humidity, and spring rains.  Disease activity can be curtailed by applying a fungicide in three week intervals to prevent summer disease on Bluegrass.  Mid-May, early June, and early July are the best dates for these treatments.

There are many different types of turf diseases, many that can cause similar symptoms. Contact Us for a free analysis from one of our trained turf specialists.

Weekly mowing of your property also includes line trimming around trees, beds, drives, walks and other obstacles and blowing of all loose clippings back into the yard.

Summer Tips

Summertime often means hot and dry conditions. Watering your plants and lawn adequately during these periods is crucial. Make sure you are mowing your turf at least 3-4″ tall to keep your lawn healthy and apply broadleaf weed control as needed. Keep an eye out for insects, pests, and diseases and consult us when you see them! Stay cool!

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