Lawn Aeration and Seeding – Breathe Life into Your Roots

Over the seasons, your soil becomes naturally compacted.  Walking, playing, mowing, and watering compress particles into the soil and reduce the air space necessary to promote proper root growth.  This leaves the subsoil inadequate for healthy lawn growth.

Your soil becomes most constricted in the upper 1 to 1 ½ inches and should be relieved by mechanical aeration.
This process uses a non-intrusive machine that plugs holes into the soil which are approximately 2 inches deep and 1 inch wide. Aeration improves the air, water, and nutrient exchange with your roots.

We recommend lawn aeration to our customers as a standard part of our yearly turf care program. Lawn Aeration is significant because it helps improve the results of overseeding. People overseed their lawns to replace dying, patchy, and lackluster grass. Lawn Aeration will maximize lawn growth because the soil has been prepped with small holes to allow nutrients, water, and overseeding to have maximum positive impact.

Aerating opens up the soil to allow water to more easily enter the soil, reducing run-off and improving irrigation effectiveness.

The benefits of lawn aeration are significant but short lived lasting only 3-4 months. This is why we propose it every year entering the normal peak irrigation season.

This service can be done anytime but, ideally should be done in the fall of the year.

  • Stimulates Root Growth
  • Enhances Water Uptake
  • Reduces Compaction
  • Improves Oxygen Content
  • Enhances Thatch Control
  • Improves Nutrient Availability

Summer Tips

Summertime often means hot and dry conditions. Watering your plants and lawn adequately during these periods is crucial. Make sure you are mowing your turf at least 3-4″ tall to keep your lawn healthy and apply broadleaf weed control as needed. Keep an eye out for insects, pests, and diseases and consult us when you see them! Stay cool!

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